Anat Geiger

I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1965, when The Beatles were at their highest point, grew up in Copacabana and started dancing very early on. I got a university degree in Advertising but was already doing theatre by the time I finished and never even went back to get my diploma. Starting as Shakespeare’s Julia at 21 was so much fun I never looked back.

In October, 1991 I arrived in Amsterdam and in the following years I played in more than 30 productions with the most varied companies and colleagues, and incredibly rich and fulfilling journey. There was much drama, immense satisfaction and a whole lot of fun.

Yoga came my way in 1996; Teresa Caldas ( was my first teacher. She awoke in me the love for yoga, taught me its therapeutic applications and how to teach.

Through Teresa I met Dona Holleman ( in 1999; Dona opened my mind to impeccability, sobriety, the power of precision and how our perceptions shape our world.

In 2009 I met Paul and Suzee Grilley (, who reminded me of what we do all this for, and who changed everything with mind blowing science, profound spirituality, irresistible humor and ever present poetry. I study and assist Paul and Suzee every year since that fateful first, and my gratitude is truly boundless.

In 2004 I was invited by Valerie Valentine to come an teach at YogaGarden in Amsterdam and in 2009 I was given the opportunity to co-run it. For 15 years, YogaGarden has been my home in everything a home is meant to be: a place for joy, growth, recharging and connection.

I started leading teacher trainings, together with Marcel van de Vis-Heil, in 2008. Everything in life is in motion and transformation, and as the years progress I feel more and more drawn to trainings, retreats and workshops. You can check the calendar for more information.
Since 2016 we have our own online yoga platform:

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