Terms & Conditions

Course conditions: 

By signing this form, the student is subject to the provisions below. 

  • Payment of school fees must be paid as indicated on this form. If the student chooses to pay in installments, it is the student’s responsibility to fulfill the agreement in the allotted period. Failure to do so will incur in personal and legal consequences. 
  • Students from other countries are responsible for the extra bank costs.
  • Students who, for any reason, cannot finish the course are still committed to pay the tuition in full, as a spot has been reserved. When possible, the student and the school may discuss future options.
  • TFYTT and its teachers are not responsible for any damage or injury incurred before, during or after her teacher training. The student is expected to be in good physical condition and in case of bodily injuries, illnesses or physical abnormalities tell the teachers before the start of the training. The student is expected to take full responsibility for her/his own health and body.
  • The undersigned accepts full responsibility for any damage that may result from the use of the space in which the lessons are taught. TFYTT is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal property before, during or after her teacher training.
  • In all reviews of the acquired level of knowledge and skills (as necessary for the granting of certificates), the undersigned is to accept the judgment of the responsible teacher(s).
  • The planned training days and times can sometimes be changed through the organization. This will be communicated in advance. 
  • The undersigned agrees that the tuition fees are non-refundable. 

Cancellation policy

  • €75 processing fee applies for cancellations after payment.
  • €150 processing fee applies for cancellations made more than 6 months prior to the training.
  • €500 cancelation fee if canceling 6 to 3 months from the start of the training.
  • No refunds if canceling within 90 days or after the training started and the student is required to pay the full amount of the training. If the student starts a training in the following year, the amount withheld shall be deducted from the trainings fee.

Please understand how incredibly difficult it is to plan and organize events in this ever-shifting world. We are always open to try and accommodate your needs while protecting the integrity of our enterprise. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

It’s in the mind rather than the world that karma’s seeds are planted.

Eknath Eswaran

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