The Teachers

Anat Geiger & Marcel van de Vis Heil (aka The Fat Yogis)

We met in September 2004 , both invited to teach at the newly founded YogaGarden in Amsterdam. In those days yoga studios were scarce, mostly run by yoga teachers, and we were very grateful for such an opportunity. 

We were not the best of friends at first: coming from completely different yoga backgrounds, there was some suspicion and intolerance from both sides. Slowly, gradually, without us even noticing it, our paths came closer and closer together. Both in yoga and in life we share much: together we ran YogaGarden for almost 15 years; we founded our teacher training program which, since its creation in 2008 has formed hundreds of yoga teachers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica, and more. This program has evolved with us, and is today one of the first Functional Yoga Teacher Trainings in the world. We have founded our own online yoga platform and study with the same teachers. But our highest achievement is our commitment to a partnership of honesty, friendship and integrity.

For more about Anat, click here.

For more about Marcel, click here

Believe nothing until you experience it yourself, until you recognize it with your whole being

Swami Vivekananda

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