Breathwork Training - 25 Hours

Perth, Australia

25 hours

Weekends Module

11 November - 03 December 2023

Om Yoga

Price: from €630

11-12 November 2023
2-3 December 2023

With Marcel van de Vis Heil

BREATHWORK is a mix of traditional Pranayama and modern breathing exercises. The impact of these exercises is felt immediately – they have a biochemical, biomechanical and psychological influence on the body and mind. Breathwork promotes sleep, emotional well-being, immunity, focus, performance and physical balance. Some also have a profoundly spiritual experience during breathwork. It includes a toolbox for breathing exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime in the event of stress, anxiety, or when a mental shift or performance enhancement is needed. 


This training is for those interested in Breathwork and Pranayama to increase vitality and Qi in their bodies; for movement teachers from any discipline: yoga, pilates, cross fit, Martial arts etc; Meditation teachers and bodyworkers. 

This training will give you a solid understanding of breathing, its mechanism, the anatomy of the respiratory system, the importance of proper breathing and the science behind it. It will give you the tools to offer breathwork to your students. 

This is a 25 Hour of continuing education – YACEP recognised by Yoga Alliance USA

For more information and registration, head to the Om Yoga website

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