Functional Vinyasa - 100 Hours

Bergen, Netherlands

100 hours

Intensive Module

03 August - 16 August 2020

Moon Yoga Club

Price: €1815

What is Vinyasa?

One of the most popular styles of yoga, where the postures are done in a dynamic, continuous flow, slow or fast or anything in between. Much focus is placed in coordinating breath and movement, on stamina and heat.

What is Functional Yoga? 

An approach to yoga where we focus more on what a pose should do than on how it looks. We are all unique: our skeletal structure, muscular flexibility, emotional response, mental organisation and psychological inclination is our own, and our practice should express that. Instead of trying to perform a pose from the outside, copying a shape, we try to understand what the pose is supposed to do and then adapt it to our own needs and abilities. 

Functional Vinyasa combines both: it is a dynamic, creative flow that allows for each practitioner to manifest their uniqueness and capabilities, without competition and with a lot less frustration! 

You will learn: 

Understanding basic but fundamental anatomical principles in order to teach and adapt the main yoga poses to suit every student 

Understanding the function of the poses and how to practice them to open the way to a long-lasting, creative and fulfilling practice 

What differentiates yoga is not so much the physical movement as the willingness to turn the gaze inwards and look at ourselves with honesty and kindness. Yoga philosophy can be immensely helpful on our road to disentangle ourselves from our old behaviour patterns and supports us in our development and growth. 

The course will be a two-week intensive; the days will be divided into: 

  • Practice of yoga poses and meditation 
  • Lectures on anatomy (bones, muscles, fascia) 
  • Technique of the poses and modifications 
  • Teaching techniques 
  • Lectures on philosophy 
  • Teaching practice 

This a 100 hour training; by full completion you will receive a Yoga Alliance recognized certificate. 


Dates for this program are August 3ed – August 16th,  2020 

Day schedule is as follows: 
Monday to Friday – 12:00-18:00 
Saturday – 12:00-15:00 
Sunday – 13:00-18:00 

This is a 100-hour program, recognized by Yoga Alliance. 

There will be ‘homework’ assignments; no examination is required. 


Price: 1.815,-



The registration for this training is via Moon Yoga Club, please visit

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