Yin Yoga - 100 Hours

Bergen, Netherlands

100 hours

Intensive Module

31 August - 13 September 2020

Moon Yoga Club

Price: €1815

There are many different approaches to Yoga and all of them for good and valid reasons. Our Teacher training focuses on the Taoistic principles of Yin and Yang, the two fundamental and complementary main forces of the Universe. Yang is characterized by strength, rhythm and repetition, Yin by softness, stillness and ease. 

A healthy and fulfilled life contains a healthy balance of both these aspects: too much Yang can turn someone rigid and aggressive, too much Yin may result in weakness or depression. It is part of our Yoga practice to develop the intuition and the wisdom to know what we need and when we need it. Some people are more prone to yin, others to yang, but everybody needs both. And the practice of postures is just the beginning: as the mind calms down and the body opens up, a well of vibrant energy emerges, allowing us to explore our full potential as human beings. 

In a physical context Yin and Yang determine not only the tissues of the human body but they describe how our bodies move regarding the elasticity of the joints. Muscle, connective tissue and bone each have different elastic qualities and each respond differently to the stresses placed upon them by Yoga postures. Yin tissues should therefore be exercised in a Yin way and Yang tissues in a Yang way. Bones are Yin, muscles are Yang and connective tissue lies between the two. The characteristic of Yin exercise is stillness for long periods of time while tissues are being stressed, particularly connective tissue. 

What you will learn

  • Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is based on the philosophical and anatomical principles as taught by our teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley. 
  • Anatomy and its explorations (skeletal/anatomical variations, target areas, functional analysis of postures) 
  • Yin Yoga Asanas and Assisted Yin 
  • Chakra teachings 
  • The principles of Karma and Samskaras 
  • The principles of Vrittis and Vasanas 
  • Various meditation techniques 
  • In addition, the Chakra studies are based on the teachings of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama and Paramahansa Yogananda. 

This training is meant to give you a thorough understanding of the human anatomy, which we believe will be immensely valuable in your teachings; we will look into the vocabulary of Yin Yoga postures and their variations and learn how to teach them. 

We will also explore the theory of the chakras and different chakra meditations. 

Who is it for? 

The training is meant for anybody who has been practicing yoga for at least a year, and has done Yin Yoga before. 


Dates for this program are August 31st – September 13th , 2020

Day schedule is as follows:
Monday to friday – 12:00-18:00 
Saturday – 12:00-15:00 
Sunday – 13:00-18:00

This is a 100-hour program, recognized by Yoga Alliance. 
There will be ‘homework’ assignments; no examination is required. 


Price: 1.815,-



The registration to this training is via Moon Yoga Club. Please visit https://moonyogaclub.com/pages/yin-yoga-teacher-training-100-uur

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