Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meridians - 100 Hours

Perth, Australia

100 hours

Intensive Module

27 November - 11 December 2022

Om Yoga

Price: from €500

Join Marcel van de Vis Heil and Tony Turner for a unique Yin Yoga opportunity in Perth. This is your chance to learn from one of the first line assistants of Paul and Suzee Grilley, who are the pioneers of Yin Yoga.

This training will give you a thorough understanding of human anatomy, which is essential if you wish to teach safe and effective Yin Yoga classes. You will learn also how to sequence a Yin class and how to make Yin Yoga postures and the variations accessible to all students. Besides anatomy, we dive deep into the theory of Meridians and Qi according to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) system, and how to apply this to a Yin Yoga class.

For more information and registration, head to the Om Yoga website.

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