Yin Yoga & Meridians - 50 Hours

Casal Cabeceiras de Basto, Portugal

50 hours

Intensive Module

04 November - 11 November 2021

D’Alijo Yoga Retreats

Price: from €1745

Even though not acknowledged by western science, we yogis believe that Qi/Prana is our live energy and that it flows in our body through channels we call meridians. For a yogi or eastern practitioner, meridians or nadis are just as real as our blood transport system, our nerves and our lymphatic system. Even though we can’t “see” the meridians and measure our Qi, we can learn how to feel it.

What you will learn

In this course we learn about the 12 main meridians, their relationship to our organs, what the different types of Qi are, how the 5 elements work and what the meridian clock is. As well as how to apply this to your (yin) yoga practice, how to use some of the main acupuncture/acupressure points and we look at pulse and tongue diagnosis.

To get a good understanding of the location of our meridians and how to apply meridian stretching in your yoga practice it is necessary to get a good understanding of our anatomy, so this too will be an important part of this course.

In this course:

  • Anatomy of the human body
  • Location and tracing of the meridians
  • The five elements
  • Meridian clock
  • What is Qi
  • Meridians and the organs
  • Acupressure points
  • Meridian stretching
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • Daily yoga asana class and chakra-nyasa meditation

Who is it for

The training is meant for anybody who has been practicing yoga for at least one year and has done Yin Yoga before.

This is a 50-hour program, recognized by Yoga Alliance.

In order to receive a certificate, students are required to attend all sessions, and to complete all homework assignments. No examination is required.


Day 1 (4th): Arrival day

17.30 – 19.00group gathering


7.30 – 8.00meditation
8.00 – 9.30breakfast
9.30 – 11.00lecture
11.15 – 12.30practice
12.30 – 16.30lunch and time off
16.30 – 18.00lecture
18.15 – 19.00practice and meditation

Day 8 (11th): departure day

7.30 – 8.00meditation
8.00 – 9.30breakfast and check-out

Check in and check out

On arrival day you can check in from 14.00 on, note that there is no food or lunch in the centre yet. Check out is after breakfast on day 7.


The price of the Yin Yoga and Meridians Teacher Training 50 hours is:

  • Single room shared facilities – sold out
  • Single room €1.870,00
  • Luxury single room €1.945,00

Shared room options only for couples/friends on request.

Including 6 months The Fat Yogis membership.

Excluding plane ticket and transfer from/to retreat.


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